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    Mobile Alloy Wheel Repairs

    We offer our customers a low cost and complete mobile service. Our vans use the latest paint technology and spray booths. Our quality service involves the removal of your alloy wheel, machine finishing and oven curing.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Indicative prices per wheel for the repairs are as follows:

    Up to 19” – from £45
    19” to 20” – from £65
    Over 21” – Contact us

    Prices may vary depending on location and type of alloy wheel.

    Some specialist finishes may incur an additional charge.

    Our technicians will be happy to discuss pricing with you before you decide to proceed with the repairs.

    We offer a same day service so we won’t have to come back and is based on amount of wheels and severity of damage. We don’t want to take any longer than we need to and typical jobs last anything from 2 hours to 6 hours.

    Yes! Our AlloyTec Guarantee last for 12 months.

    You have three options. We can machine and polish out the damage which is very acceptable to the eye. Repaint all four alloys to a high gloss finish or for an original factory finish, the alloy wheel would need to be sent to be re-cut which takes 3-5 days.

    It’s a fast, low cost mobile service when you only have cosmetic damage to the face of your alloy wheels. Once you have made an appointment with one of our technicians, the repair itself will take between 1-2 hours for a single wheel and between 4-6 hours for a set of four.

    Yes. The process is the same as if you had your car’s alloy wheels repaired at a body-shop. The wheel is taken off your car and the damaged paintwork is removed and repairs are carried out to the alloy wheel if necessary.

    The full face of the wheel is then primed, painted, lacquered and fully cured in our oven before the wheel is fitted back to the vehicle. The end result is the face of your alloys will have the appearance of a new alloy wheel.

    Yes, AlloyTec have specialist insurance for moving vehicles, working on them and repairing wheels as well as public liability insurance.

    Yes, but they would most likely need to be sent away for specialist repairs to ensure the safety and integrity of the damaged alloy wheel.

    Yes. We can match all colours to the manufacturers specification. Our technicians are also able to offer a range of custom colours and finishes if you require a unique look for your alloy wheels.


    Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our customers have to say…

    I needed repairs to the alloys of my VW Golf which we were about to sell and although the car was in good condition, the alloys were kerbed and a bit corroded in parts and I did not want a big reduction in its value from the dealership we were selling it to.

    So I contacted AlloyTec UK to carryout repairs to the alloy wheels. Their representative arrived on time and carried out a first rate job so much so, that the wheels looked brand new!

    Suffice to say I sold my car and got a much better price than otherwise would have been the case without the repairs. I recommend them without hesitation.

    Ms Frazer, SE London

    We contacted AlloyTec UK to carryout repairs to the bumper and all four alloys which had scratches and scrapes as we really could not justify the high price quoted by our dealership for the same repairs.

    They came to our doorstep on time and were friendly and professional in their approach and I was particularly impressed by how thorough they were in carrying out the repairs to the alloys which looked brand new when they were finished.

    The bumper looked like it had just come out of a body-shop and all completed at our front door! I have told all of our friends about them as we very impressed with the quality of their work.

    Mr John, Kent

    I have seldom, if ever, had such good service from anyone who has done work for me. I had an immediate response when I made my first enquiry, a date and time were set for an initial inspection of the work to be done, which was strictly adhered to. In spite of giving me a very vague price on the unseen damage, in other words, on my description, this price was also strictly adhered to.

    On the day the work was to be done, Tony came very promptly and got to work straight away. He was helpful and diligent in his concern not to disrupt the common parts of the block of flats, ensuring no wires were lying around. On my various visits to him, he was taking exceptionally good care of my car and the end result was quite amazing. Thank you Tony, I will certainly spread your name around and recommend you to anyone who is in the same predicament as I was.

    Ms Taylor, SE London

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