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Avoid expensive repair costs when returning a damaged lease vehicle with our mobile service.

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    Mobile End of Lease Repairs

    We come to you! So, you’re ready to hand back your lease car, you’ve given it good wash and you can see scuffed alloys, a few dings and scratches not to mention upholstery stains – will you get charged? Probably!
    We offer a low cost mobile service to avoid excessive end of lease fees when you return your lease vehicle. Our experience enables us to know what the inspectors are looking for and make sure the repair is up to scratch!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A driver/inspector will pick up your vehicle and judge the overall condition. The leasing company will carry out a more thorough inspection and bill you for any damage to paintwork, upholstery, alloy wheels etc.

    Our prices will be cheaper than your lease company. They tend to charge a premium price to cover repairs, where we look at it as a job which wants to be done efficiently as a service to the customer. They don’t see it that way!

    We offer a same day service so we won’t have to come back and is based on amount of wheels and severity of damage. We don’t want to take any longer than we need to and typical jobs last anything from 2 hours to 6 hours.

    Yes! Our AlloyTec Guarantee last for 12 months.

    The BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear Guide and these key tips when appraising your vehicle:

    • Carry out the appraisal of the vehicle several weeks before the vehicle is due for return to allow for work to be done.
    • Appraise the vehicle as honestly as you can – be objective. Ask a friend or colleague to help you.
    • Choose a time and place with good light so you don’t miss anything.
    • Make sure the vehicle has been cleaned and is dry.
    • Walk all the way around the vehicle and examine closely each panel including the roof, bonnet, doors, and body for significant damage.
    • Crouch down at the front and rear of the vehicle and look along the bodyline on each side. This will help you see scratches and dents that may otherwise be difficult to spot.
    • Inspect lamps, lenses, windows and mirrors for chips, cracks and holes.
    • Check the tyres for damage. Check that the wear on the tread across each tyre is even. Inspect wheels, wheel trims and wheel spokes for scratches and deterioration.
    • Clean and valet the interior.
    • Check upholstered areas for odours, tears, burns, stains and wear.
    • Inspect all controls, including audio equipment and accessories.
    • Call AlloyTec and book our end of lease repair service.

    Same-day lease car return service is a fast, lower cost option when you have only cosmetic damage to your lease vehicle. Once you have made an appointment with one of our technicians, the work will take between 2 to 6 hours all being well.

    Our experience helps us to know what fair wear and tear occurs during normal vehicle usage in your lease period. Our aim is to repair it to that condition. This does not include damage which occurs as a result of an accident or inappropriate stowing of items, harsh treatment, negligent acts or omissions. They would have to be looked at separately. A copy of the BVRLA industry fair wear and tear standard should have been supplied by your leasing company.

    Yes, AlloyTec have specialist insurance for moving vehicles, working on them and repairing wheels as well as public liability insurance.

    Yes. We can match all colours to the manufacturer’s specification.


    Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our customers have to say…

    Having faced some hefty bills from my last lease hire car, I did some research on how to avoid these. I found AlloyTec and they were able to prepare my latest lease hire car for return. Guess what? …No fees! Thanks Tony!

    L Hyam, SE London

    A friend recommended AlloyTec to fix the nicks and dings on my lease hire car. I hadn’t realised I’d get charged over the odds and the car passed the test and now I’ve got my new one with no extra charges. Thank you.

    R Smedley, Eltham

    I’ve had about six lease hire cars and never been organised enough to get them repaired for return. I don’t like paying over inflated prices, so AlloyTec were a good find for me. No more end of lease bills!

    Paul D, SE London

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